Adoption Road

Our church has been talking more and more about adoption, and I think that’s great. When thinking about the love of God, I can’t help but be moved to share that love with someone who isn’t experiencing it. I really believe one of the most powerful ways The Church can show the character of God is by providing a home for orphans.

Rebecca and I have started down this road by going to a class on adoption. I won’t take too much time here, but a couple things were said that really stuck with me:

  • This isn’t about our needs as parents or even the child’s needs. Adoption is about who God is and who the child is. It’s about the character of God and his purpose for our lives.
  • If we will be adopting in the future, there is a very real likelihood that our future child is alive somewhere right now.

Those were the things that struck me the most. Hopefully there will be more to tell as time goes by.

In the meantime, here’s a video featuring Tony Dungy…