Life Group


If there’s something in you that aches for just “more” in life, more purpose, more love, more passion, more feeling. Maybe you’ll find this is it.

Life Group gathers throughout the month for game nights (board games), discussion nights, events (Dollywood, movie nights, flag football), fire nights (a time of experiencing God’s presence) and outreaches. Life Group also hosts Jam Night’s afterparty. We’re made up of 18-thirtysomethingish people who may be married, single, dating, have kids, don’t have kids, and who just want more of the one and only God who has saved us.

Saved. That’s something else that we are known for. Each of us (like you) have a life story. Some of us, are so excited about it you may hear it the first time you come to a Life Group event. But, most likely you’ll just know that there’s something different about this group and you want whatever it is.

To be involved with Life Group, visit the Church at Bennington Place on a Sunday morning service or check out the events page to find out when the next Life Group event is!