Passion for Life: A Trial of Faith

When I was 27 years old I was told I would be an invalid in need of surgeries every year for the rest of my life — but God had bigger plans!
When I was five years old I was at my grandparents house when I crumpled to the floor in agony. I was rushed to the doctor every day for 3 days only to be turned away, they thought I had the flu. Finally, on the last day, I was carried into the hospital on a pillow (any vibration caused pain to course through my body). When I couldn’t put weight on my legs I was rushed into surgery, my appendix had ruptured and poison was filling my small body. 
For whatever reason, the doctors chose not to tell my parents the appendix had ruptured and they had to scrape out the poison. Instead they closed me up and kept it quiet.
All through my childhood, I was sick to my stomach, I had pain that only grew worse through the years. I pushed myself and built up a strong endurance. In my teens I started passing out from pain…but because my current doctors didn’t know of the rupture they just assumed I was exaggerating. So on went the years until I turned 26.


I started collapsing at my job almost everyday. Finally my current doctor decided to operate and see what was wrong. She had never before seen anything so destructive. The poison left behind from the apendectomy (they didnt properly remove it) had caused massive scarring to where most of my intestines, uterous, nerves and other organs were wrapped in one big ball. I went to another better qualified surgeon to help separate my organs and help with the pain.


He said I would have surgery every year for the rest of my life, not to ever think of getting married, having children or even playing tennis… those days are over. I looked him in the eye and said this is not my life. By the next year, after much prayer, I found another surgeon. 


Since I was a little girl I had a very real relationship with God. He understood when nobody else did. In my loneliest moments, and in the hours I was curled up in pain, and in the times I didn’t know if I could go on, He covered me like a warm blanket, He encouraged me, and He gave me hope for a future beyond the pain. 


My new surgeon operated and discovered part of my right Fallopian  tube and ovary had been scraped off during the appendectomy rendering them useless. If I wanted a family I had 1 ovary left, but God had enlarged that ovary and gave it the effectiveness of 2! The doctor had cleared up the remaining scarring and said he hoped this would be permanent. 


I am 32 now, I’m married to a wonderful man who prays over me and our family. I even have a little girl who keeps my very active. They recently checked to see if the scarring had returned 4 years later and it hadn’t! I praise God all the time for giving me my life back…giving me a future